CWAG Resources

Water resource management is a very complex topic - a fascinating integration of geology, hydrology, ecology, public policy, and law. To help you learn, CWAG has assembled this compendium of scientific resources and explanations for you to read and download.

The Reference Library contains original source material documents in .pdf format. In the section "Introductory Documents" we have selected a few readings to get you started.

The Video Archive contains video recordings of our monthly public programs.

CWAG Reports contains some of the documents that CWAG has written: our News and Views newsletter archive, our monthly Op-Ed column in the Courier, non-technical information bulletins, and policy statements..

The Maps section contains downloadable maps of the Verde Watershed.


  • "Ranchers need clean water for their stock, farmers need it for their crops, every employer needs it to stay in business, and every living thing needs it for life... The law needs to be clear to protect water quality and the rights of landowners."
    Mark Udall
  • "Water is the driver of Nature."
    Leonardo da Vinci
  • "When the well is dry, we know the worth of water."
    Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1746
  • "...and since flow of information is to spirit what water is to life, we'd best think about how to keep the pipes free and unclogged."
    Raphie Frank
  • "In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference."
    Rachel Carson
  • "We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one."
    Jacques Yves Cousteau
  • "Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water."
    Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine
  • "Water is everywhere and in all living things; we cannot be separated from water. No water, no life. Period..."
    Robert Fulghum
  • "It's the water. Everything is driven by the water."
    Mike Thompson
  • "Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over."
    Mark Twain