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The Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG) promotes a sustainable water future in the Upper Verde River Basin and the Prescott Active Management Area. We educate the public, encourage citizen action, and advocate for responsible governmental decision-making.
Please explore our website to discover the Verde River, to protect our water resource, to learn about CWAG, to study our resource library, to participate in our work, to ask questions, and to support our efforts.

Current Issues:

1 Big Chino Update: Program Video
2 Potential Future Declines in Base Flow to the upper Verde River due to Groundwater Extraction from the Big Chino Sub-Basin
3 Op-Ed: Predictions of groundwater and river declines
4 Op-Ed: Big Chino needs less talk, more action
5 10 Reasons to Protect the Verde River

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"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one." Jacques Yves Cousteau